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Aug 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
has the right plan to fix health care. the president and first lady will arrive in montana a few hours from now. he will hold a town hall just before 3:00 eastern. getting involved in a informed debate. you can watch the president's town hall live from montana right here on msnbc. our coverage set to begin at 2:55 eastern time. he may have one less rumor to deal with. the end-of-life provision, which some argued would end with death panels. here is an interesting note on former governor, sarah palin, who led the charge on criticizing this. it looks as though palin supported end of life while governor. in 2008, governor palin declared a, quote, health care decisions day, which called for more awareness and the need to plan ahead for decisions needed to end a life. nobody knows how that specifically differs from what had been in the health care plan nationally. >> fun death panels. god help us. we know president obama and the drug industry reach add deal on health care reform that involves billions in concessions, and we know the industry will spend $50 million to lobby for the president
Aug 18, 2009 9:00am EDT
snow, maine, grassley, iowa and senator baucus out of montana coming into this conversation. from washington, d.c., charlie book and msnbc political analyst. lynn sweet is also here. lynn, is this too -- are we reading too much into who these people are in the states that they represent? or is it an appropriate anxiety that this much power resides in this particular context? >> may i refer to the federalist papers for the answer here, dylan? >> please do, please do. yes, please. >> they talked about something called the tyranny of the majority. one of the reasons we have senators, two from each state, which was a debate of the founding of our nation whether big states should have more representation, i think is for situations like this. there are so many checks and balances. there are so many ways to go. you used the word conference this morning which most people don't know but in the end both chambers have to agree. for the moment at this shot in time these people have a lot of power and soon lose it once these measures advance. right now, yes, they have inordinate amount of powe
Aug 17, 2009 9:00am EDT
winner now. i mean, the president was in montana. he was in colorado doing these town hall forums. the one in new hampshire trying to snatch back the conversation, the agenda from the sarah palins and the newt gingrichs who had been driving a lot of the talk about imaginary death panels and things like that. and i think mickey's right. they've been playing a good inside game, but they've been playing this for months now, and that they had to, at the end of august, snatch it back shows that they weren't doing a terribly good job. and now that we're in august when people are starting not to pay attention, we'll see if the image that sits in the american people's heads when they're on the beat is that president obama, at those town hall forums, or is it back to sarah palin and death panels and all of the negative messages that the republicans have been trying to set in the american mindset? >> winners and losers from where you sit. >> i think it's right. i think that they're basically trying to survive august, right? the senate finance committee is both the winner and the loser, and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3